Lara Capuano is a story-teller.  Whether it’s blogging, sharing her heart with her small group, or talking with strangers over coffee, her honesty, insightfulness and wit communicate deep truths that anyone could understand and relate to.  She is now bringing theological truths, life stories and humor to camps, conferences, retreats, schools, and churches.  

Lara shares stories about raising adopted kids and navigating “open” adoptions.  She speaks from personal experience about tragedy and life after loss. 

Her story is the story of God redeeming yesterday and today’s junk into tomorrow’s beauty.  
Lara lives in Rochester, New York with her husband and hero, Tom and her five kids, Annalee, Marlie, Harper, London and Jay.  

If you would like to contact Lara about speaking at your next event, contact her here.

Upcoming Events


May 26-31:        Infusion Conference @ Albany, NY

October 12:        The White Role in Uprooting Racism @ Monroe Community College, Henrietta, NY

October 22:        Catching Kindness @ Rogers Middle School, Irondequoit, NY

October 25:        Unlocked Event @ College at Brockport, Brockport, NY

October 31:        #AdamsActs @ TBA

November 8:       #AdamsActs @ Winona Woods Neighborhood Association, Irondequoit, NY

December 3:        Embraced in Our Brokenness @ Medina, Ohio



January 8:          How to Motivate Literally Anyone (Including Yourself) @ Northridge Church, Rochester, NY

Feb 24-26:          Winter Retreat - Behind Enemy Lines: How to Love in a World That Hates @ Bliss, NY

March 22:           TBD @ Harbor Life Church, Grandville, MI

March 23:           You Are the Difficult Child @ FBC MOPS, First Baptist Church, Lowell, MI

March 29:           TBD @ Monroe Community College, Henrietta, NY

May 3:                 The Two Sides of Pride @ Monroe Community College, Henrietta, NY

May 11:               Made Alive in the Mess @ Grace Baptist Church, Brockport, NY