Lara broke her rib with a rice crispy treat.

If you think that sounds ridiculous you'd be correct, but it doesn't make that statement less true. 
She tells this foolish story in her blog post titled, "Giving Purpose to the Past." It not only details the tasty treat tumble but also offers a glimpse into her complicated life of trauma and healing and her willingness to share those stories with audiences from screen to screen or from stage to seat.

Lara is the funniest person you'll ever meet. Unless you've met Tina Fey or Kevin Hart or her best friend Melissa Waheibi, who is infinitely funnier than she is and reminds her of that on a regular basis. 

Lara has no shame and has chased Whitney Houston through the Newark, NJ airport and Dianna Ross down Park Avenue in New York City because she is obsessed with gorgeously talented artists who she wants to befriend and be like. This no-shameness also applies to "Danceoke" which is her patented term for what happens when she busts out Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" at any public establishment.  So if she ever meets Alicia Keys, Lord help her. 


Lara also makes you feel bipolar because while you are cackling uncontrollably at her hilarity, you'll inevitably be punctured by the stories of her life that are soaked in grief. There was abandonment, substance abuse, indiscretion, and even murder.  Lara's older brother Adam was shot Halloween night when he was 17-years-old by an irritated neighbor. Adam was a champion athlete, academic, and hero in his community, and he was the ultimate hero to his baby sister. 

Decades of harboring Adam's loss were transformed into a real-life movement of kindness with the establishment of #AdamsActs which prompts acts of kindness in honor of Adam. This regional movement has spread internationally, and the love Adam would have shared in his life is now being offered by others.

The transformation displayed in #AdamsActs is one example of the grace Lara has experienced as a broken follower of Jesus. That grace is especially evident in the family she raises now with her handsome husband, Tom. There miiiiiiiiight have been an unplanned pregnancy in the early part of their relationship, but fourteen years and five kids later they're living out the mercy of forgiveness and the abundance of God's goodness. Those of you who have been faithful followers of Lara's blog can instantly recall stories of when they strolled their daughter around Washington, DC in a sustained pop-a-wheelie because the stroller they bought only came with two wheels, or when she admitted she'd rather have her son pee in her hair than in the car seat, or when their entire family danced the "stanky leg" at a family wedding.  

It's because of her early and unexpected start to parenting that Lara has a deep and unwavering heart for unwed mothers. With that sense of compassion in mind, she and Tom chose to adopt their two sons.  Adoption is a beautiful example of God's relationship with His children. He chose us. He loves us. He died for us. And we are His forever. End of story. Lara's life requires that endless grace for the day-to-day ability to navigate the complexities of adoption. 

"You've lived a lot of life in such a short time," said a friend to her recently. 

It's true.  Lara has a beautiful way of sharing those stories that leave you walking away exhausted from laughing, yet rejuvenated by love. She invites you into the vulnerable places with her, and while you're together you'll see Jesus more clearly because she is a touchable example of the grace-filled work of her Savior.

Just don't touch her rib 'cause it still might be broken.