birthday girl.jpg

five years ago, on this day, I gave birth to miss marlie kaye. After 32 hours of labor (sans pain meds, booya) our second baby girl was born. She looked like she lost a boxing match with my uterus. At first I thought she might look like my father-in-law, which was almost as terrifying as the labor had been. But, fortunately... She did end up looking like a girl and not a grandpa. And these five years with her have been a delight.

Marlie's five year old fast facts (in her own words):
What is your favorite thing to do? "go to seabreeze."
How awesome is your mommy? "Awesomest than ever."
How awesome is your daddy? "Awesomest I could ever see."
Who is your best friend forever? "Mommy and daddy."
What do you do for a living? "Sharing."
what's been the high point in the past five years? "Trip across the country."
What are you excited about for kindergarten? "Meeting mrs. Moyles."
What would your advice be to other five year olds? "To be good and sharing and happy. To be good to others. And sharing."
And what are your goals for the coming year? "School. I mean, all this busy work."
What would you say are your strengths? "Climbing."
What could you improve on? "Climbing... Umm, climbing's not a straimth." (Strength)
What is the best thing God gave you? "Love."