give me 24 hours and i could write a book, a very strange book.

just in the past 24 hours my kids have said these things:

marlie: "i'm thinking of marrying annalee because she knows me all through my heart."

marlie: immediately following the comment above, her eyes widened with realization and she exclaimed "then we can both wear wedding dresses!"

annalee: "i'm really thinking about a nose ring." (my girls are officially thinking about the future way too much.)

harper: "Jesus keeps me safe and he shows his big muscles to spiderman and then he spiderwebs him!" (this was right before his nap, when he gives himself the "i don't have to be afraid because jesus keeps me safe" pep talk.)

harper: "is london a person or a plant?" (for those that don't know, london is my daughter. which makes her not a plant.)

marlie: "it's me! it's me! snow white! don't you remember me from when i broke your legs at the wedding!?" (overheard from the next room.)

harper: "OH! amazing grace! that saved a rash for me!!" (this was said as a suggestion to fix london's diaper rash.)