pregnant on paper

so, it's probably obvious at this point that we started the adoption process again. my heart is so heavy for all things adoption: birthmothers, orphans, foster care, home visits, expensiveness, fundraising, profiles, speaking events, social workers, and on and on it goes...

it is exciting and scary to be back in the adoption game. the process this time around seems like it is going to be a long one. we simply cannot afford to move forward at this point (hence the mass social media blitz regarding our t-shirt and dress sales!) so, we are waiting on the lord to provide the funds we need to complete our home study. in order to proceed with this adoption, we need to raise nearly $7,000. and that is just for the home study. adoption is costly and we can't do it this time around without support. it is honestly my personal nightmare to ask for help from people, so my guess is that this experience will be very painful for me, but also growing.

last night i had an opportunity to speak at the sanctity of life celebration. it was an intense night to say the least... but a great time to share our heart for adoption. people always seem a little surprised that we are adopting even though we are able to have biological children. that is why i like the slogan on these t-shirts. adoption is the new pregnant. it's cute and catchy, but the real reason i love the phrase is because it reminds people that there is more than one way to grow a family, that adoption is just another way of birthing a child into your heart, life and family.

so, i think that adoption is, in fact, the new pregnant. at least it is for us. and i cannot wait to see what this journey will end up looking like for us. i plan to track any developments on this blog, so stay tuned! and thanks to my wonderful friends and family members who are being so helpful and supportive as we undergo this huge and exciting endeavor!