Maple Mecca

Day 2 & 3:

We got to our campsite in Vermont and realized that my hasty, late-night packing meant that I forgot almost everything I needed to make dinner. Hunger? Check. Utensils? Not so much. But, at least we remembered that badminton set.

It was a rocky start, I must say. Low point from day one: poking our dinner with toothpicks bc I forgot forks. But, we technically got food in us so mission accomplished, right?

Day 2 went a little better, I located a small general store where I stocked up on forgotten supplies and discovered an old Daughters of the American Revolution mansion tour. We did that, and it was a fun little experience for us and the kids. It was very educational, especially when the tour guide explained that the bread box doubled as a cradle to rock the baby in, and tripled as a casket for when the baby died. Those pioneer women loved a multi-use item, and the tour guide loved to school my kids on the infant mortality rate of the 1800's. Good times were had by all.

After the D.A.R. Mansion tour, we went to a little maple heaven where we got syrup and maple fudge. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Tom's parents, hiking around, skipping rocks on Lake Champlain, and baking homemade pizzas over the fire.

Day 3 (today) has consisted of breaking camp (almost on schedule) and going to Dakin Farm where we ate samples of Vermont delicacies. The kids filled up on the "free examples" and maple frozen yogurt. Now that we are all successfully stuffed sick, we are headed to our next Vermont campsite in the Green Mountain National Forest.

Next up, in 'All Tom, All the Time,' I will share an interview I had with Tom when we recently sat down together to discuss his feelings about the trip.

L- Tom, we recently started a road trip, how do you feel it has gone so far?
T- "I think, so far, it was a typical rocky start... but now I'm ready to have my way with the great northeast."
L- What has been the greatest challenge?
T- "Maintaining control of the vehicle, while my wife tried to pluck a rogue eyebrow hair out (without warning) while I was driving down a steep, twitsy road through the mountains."
L- What would you like to say to your fan(s)?
T- "Hey, Joe. What's up man?"

Another tid-bit from Tom's corner, this morning he paid me a very romantic compliment when he called me "a beautiful, graceful, hoof-less mammal." I know ladies, I know... but he's already taken.