Day 7 in Review

We successfully made it to Colonial Williamsburg. We paid a small fortune to rent gowns and bonnets for the girls... Which fulfilled a dream of mine and theirs. Harper tipped his colonial cap to all the fair maidens and offered a "g'day" to all in sight. One shop-keeper asked if we could take the credit for such well-bred and finely dressed children.

They loved being in character and they fussed over their gowns and bonnets all day. They felt less fine and well-bred when we were sprinting back to the visitor center when the flash floods first started.

Yep. That is how it went down. We were having a lovely time discovering what the children thought was "Colonial Williamsburger," when the on-and-off rain switched to full throttle monsoon. We tried waiting it out, but it just seemed to get heavier and heavier... So we made a break for it.

I have never seen anything like it! Within minutes of our run back to the car, the walking paths had turned into streams complete with baseball sized rocks rolling down the stream! There were some places that were ankle-deep!

It goes without saying that we didn't get the full Williamsburger experience... but the kids had a great time and I got to quote lines from Pride and Prejudice all day.
And even if we didn't get the full, historical experience... We will always cherish great memories of our first Colonial Flash Flood.