Kindness is a Gamble

I ain't usually a gamblin' man.  I mean, I'm not a man at all, but if I were, I wouldn't really be the gamblin' type.  But I got a cute idea from a friend about anonymously giving a lottery ticket to a stranger with a note that says "hope you win!"

I planned to buy five $1 scratch off tickets and hide them in random places.  I put my twenty dollar bill into this lotto machine:

Then I saw this sign:

Problem #1: THIS MACHINE DOES NOT GIVE CHANGE. (Esta maquina no da cambio.)

Problem #2: I needed so much change.  (Yo necessito mi dinero back.)

Well, that wasn't going to happen, so I had no choice but to buy so many lotto tickets.  I attached each ticket to a note like this:

And I placed them in random places for random people to feel randomly kinded.  I put them here:

And here:

And I threw one in here:

I tried again to be kind here at the bus stop where I struck out days ago:

And I even threw one in here:

Problem #4: If a gal like me walks into a public restroom, closes herself into a stall and starts taking cell phone pictures... it freaks people out. I think the sound of the tape dispenser just before the picture taking really threw that poor lady for a loop. (For future reference, I will turn off the clicky "chk-chk" sound next time I am using my camera in a public restroom for any reason.  We really don't need anyone speculating...)

I did play and win big myself... two whole bucks back in my pocket.  

Problem #5: When one accidentally and significantly overspends on lotto tickets, one may be insulted at such small winnings.

Well, there you have it.  Day 14.  I may be out $13 more than I planned... but, I feel just a little richer for it.  I sincerely hope that some stranger wins big and that the story will remain that the kindness of an anonymous stranger led to some Average Joe becoming a very Rich Joe who is known more than anything else for being a very Generous Joe.