Work, Wounds, Christ and Candy.

Day 14, I am thankful for my little business.  I am behind on my blog posts because I have been busy making items for a new account with a gift shop outside Boston, as well as a  holiday sale at MOPS, and then restocking some inventory and my first and favorite shop, Thread.  The short story behind starting Piccadilly Rose is that I pretended to have a business, and business was great, so I decided to have a real business.  Between these accounts at shops/salons, craft fairs, and a lot of loyal customers and custom orders... real business is even better than fake business!  I really enjoy having a way to contribute financially, that rarely takes away time from my family.  The girls enjoy trying out all my new accessories... and they love coming to see my table at art fairs.

Day 15, I am thankful for when I am challenged by other people to be better than I am.  I am thankful for when someone calls me out for being selfish (I can be shamefully self-preserving, self-protective, self-indulgent, self-hating, self-younameit).  I am also a punisher.  By nature or nurture, I am not certain... but the bottom line is that when I get hurt, I punish.  I withdraw and have a hard time letting go of the wound, and I feel sorry for myself.  Perhaps it is out of fear of rejection, but my first instinct when I get hurt is to say, "Well, there goes that friendship."  I am kind of a relational quitter, more by instinct and feeling, than by action.  It embarrasses me to admit that because it takes one prideful person to hold a grudge.  I am thankful for the people who call me out when I am doing this, and who don't write me off even when I deserve it.  Feeling particularly thankful that "wounds from a friend can be trusted." (Proverbs 27:6)

Day 16, in a nutshell I am thankful for Jesus and candy.  It's an odd combination I know... but, here you will get an in-depth picture of my long history with both the lover of my soul, and my heart's secondary desire... treats.