Adios Unemployment

Sooo remember that job I wrote about in my last post?  Yeah, Tom didn't get that job.  You may recall that I said it was an "unoffical" offer because he still needed to take a personality test... well, about that... they discovered that Tom did not, in fact, have an aggressive, used car salesman trapped inside the body of a school teacher.  This only came as a surprise to the guy giving the test.  It was a low blow for him though, to not get a job that paid so little it might as well have been a stack of monopoly dollars.

I can't say that it was a crushing disappointment, because the job probably would have been Tom's personal nightmare, and since the compensation literally qualified us for low-income housing... it wasn't too hard to part with the opportunity.  Still, it was terrifying news because at that time, we had no other long-term prospects.  Shortly after Tom's good nature was unearthed and, ultimately, rejected, he got call about a good, full-time job in his field. This one paid in actual American dollars, and enough of them to stay in regular-income housing.  Tom went in for an interview, wearing his finest, Jude Law suit (which I think made all the difference, thank me very much for forcing him into such a narrow pant.)  He nailed the interview and got the job!

He is now working for Monroe Community College as an Instructional Designer.  I think he builds online courses, or trains faculty to use their online courses, or he sells used cars... I don't really know.  While I don't completely  care  understand what the job entails, I do know that after EIGHT MONTHS, our Adventures of Unemployment have finally come to a close. 

Now... for the first time in nine years, Tom is working outside the home.  

Not in pajama pants.

It took me these first couple of weeks to trust this new job.  The last one broke my heart, and I didn't know if I could ever love again ya know.  But, this new job, is different.  I think this one really cares, it's not like all the other jobs, that just love ya and leave ya. This job is... mature, not afraid to settle down and make a commitment. I think that this job might actually be the one.

This has been an unbelievable relief.  Still, I feel like one of those little old ladies who survived the Great Depression.  It's like I know intellectually that the war is over... but I'm still gonna rinse out all my sandwich baggies and save them, just in case.

I should say that it is a relief to everyone except for London.  

At only four years old (and an early-blooming rageaholic) she is not able to comprehend or be thrilled with the new arrangement.  We felt like we were sitting her down for the divorce talk. We had to explain that "some mommies and daddies get dressed and leave the house every day," and "we know it's going to be hard, but it's just how it has to be" and "it's not her fault and nothing that she did to cause it" that "he will always love her and he will come back."  She was crushed.  When Tom comes downstairs in his work clothes it breaks her heart all over and she looks at him with shock and betrayal and says "Again!?"  Then she grabs his legs and won't let go. Then I start in and  I grab his legs and it's all very dramatic.

We are adjusting at home though and Tom is thriving in his new job.  His coworker described the situation as Disney movie-esqe because he is such a good fit for their team.  Being part of a far-fetched animated romance has always been a professional aspiration of Tom's, so that just confirms that we are in the right place.  #dreamscometrue

In order of appearance, Tom's co-workers, (the beast and the topless gentleman on the rock just photo-bombed) and then that's Tom, crouching in celebration, on piccolo.

So, there it is.  I've finally come to a place where I believe this is happening enough to say it out loud.  TOM HAS A JOB!!!  I am so proud of him and thankful to all of you who supported us, and encouraged us during this time.  God has been so faithful and  even though I wanted to slap you people when you would tell me that  I couldn't be more thankful for all the people who  said it like I hadn't heard it before  helped keep that truth in front of me.  Because it is true... right when you get to that rock-bottom place (ya know, that place where your husband kinda-gets a job, and then his pleasant and gentle personality comes in and gets him fired)  that is when God comes in and says "alright, alright, let go of his legs, I've got this covered."