Day 15: A Cornucopia of Kindness

We are about half way y'all.

I can't believe it!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you have two choices

a) catch up on Day 1 and all the days thereafter, and catch the kindness!


 b)  a plague on both your houses.
 b) hate kindness.
 b) be the worst.

Okay, maybe you only have the one option.

Great, now that all the rookies have been properly  threatened  encouraged, let us take a look at some of the #AdamsActs we've seen so far this month. Thought we could all use some fresh ideas!

Deliver a pumpkin bread to a neighbor like Colin - also, start looking this awesome in your glasses.

Leave candy and messages on windshields like my adorable nieces and nephews.

Provide poop bags and doggie refreshments for deadbeat pet owners in your neighborhood!

Provide gift cards to eat chocolate for ladies during that  unstable  special time of the month!

Get your kids to part with some toys, and donate them!

Bring snacks to work, and  humiliate  bless your co-workers by documenting it.

Leave notes of encouragement in places where moms need them most (playgrounds, public changing tables, the pediatrician's office, etc.) *I had to provide my own photo for this because my sister Kristin and her friend did this, but didn't post it publicly... (I got the loud mouth in the family, she got the looks.  What can ya do?) But I imagined it looked something like this...
Except that there is a nice note pinned to that kid's khakis.

Mend something special that got torn.

Paint a rock of reminder.

Bring toys to a shelter.

Treat someone to a train ride.

Donate sick days for someone who needs them (terminal illness, maternity leave, emergency)

Use a penny to ride a mechanical pony, leave a penny for another child to ride, like my niece!

So many great ideas!  My #AdamsActs for Day 15 was buying a snickers for the checkout lady at the grocery store... and sharing all these great ideas with you!

Happy kindnessing!  

Unless you opted for the plague.