Day 4: The World's Breast Chicken Wings

#AdamsActs are getting wild.  We've got kindnesses happening in Kenya and the Netherlands.  Waitresses in Cambodia are getting thank you notes.  People are giving away absurd tips at restaurants, paying for lunches and coffees, delivering treats to strangers and friends in need.  It's amazing.  To date, I think I'm technically the only one to deliver an eggplant, but still.... I think it's safe to say that this is officially a movement!  An international one, no less!! 

International is actually a pretty good theme for Day 4 since we spent the day in another country (Canada) with actual world travelers.

After fifteen years, I reunited with one of my dearest friends from high school. Minna was an exchange student from Finland and we hit it off almost as soon as we met. It was the first time I really understood that sarcasm is a universal language.  

We have kept in touch, but have not seen each other since the summer after we graduated.  Between us, we now have two husbands, seven children, endless reserves of patience and wisdom, yet neither of us have aged a single bit.  It's remarkable really. 

So for Day 4, we treated our beautiful Finnish friends to all that Upstate New York has to offer.  Basically: overpriced parking, Buffallo wings, and horrifying weather. 

My oldest four at Niagara Falls (Harper, Annalee, Marlie and little London Claire.)
A horrible picture of Jay, just to prove that he was also there. (As the youngest in a large family, I know he will shame me for not including him, so here ya go future Jay... here is a picture of the one time you were eating something besides your own hearing aids.)

My beautiful Minna after all these years and her sweet girl!

At the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY - home of the original Buffalo Chicken Wings.  And before you judge, Harper was not trying to kiss the bosom of a statue, that's just as far as his mouth could reach. 
Okay, now you can judge, because this looks pretty bosom-specific. 

#inappropriateactsofkindness and an internationally good time were had by all.