Day 7: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Not Even Tom

You guys. We are done with week one.

Since people are googling #AdamsActs to find out why on earth strangers are putting money in their car, I think I should make it easy to get caught up. Here is where you can get started. 

It's been a crazy week! People have donated books to children in lower-income schools, people have donated money to very important charities, people have paid for other's meals and tipped very generously. People have bought coffee, lots and lots of coffee for friends, teachers, colleagues, etc. There have been baked goods, and flowers, and chores done... and it has been awesome. Truly, I mean that in the very literal sense... awesome.

My parents lost their only son. All of the dreams they had for his future were instantly gone. Everything they had envisioned for him, all of the ways they imagined his personality and his gifts impacting this world, were no longer possible. I believe that losing a child has got to be the most acute agony a person can endure, and the only thing that might be worse than that is having that child be forgotten.

For so many of you to participate in #AdamsActs, you have bestowed on my family a gift so immeasurable that I really cannot properly thank you. Every act of kindness spread in memory of Adam is a reminder that their boy, their child, their only son... mattered. He still matters. He is remembered. His life had value. The way he lived his life made an impact. And while they no longer have the simple luxury of dreams for their son's future, that devastating reality is somewhat tempered by the fact that their son has not been forgotten.

That is a kindness to my family, and thank you isn't enough. But, it's also all I've got so, thank you. 

So... Day 7.

After all the mushy stuff I just said, you are probably expecting something pretty sensational. 

 Wrong blog. 

 Tom wouldn't let me do anything good because he is a tyrant. 

 I am sorry to inform you that I blew it.

 I blame the emotional hangover from spilling my guts last night. 

 Tom hates kindness. Can you believe this guy? 

 What blog? I have a blog? 

 Tom promised to guest post tonight, but then flew into a rage and refused to do it. 

 I was trying to feed the homeless but Tom pushed me in a pond. 

Okay, okay... the jig is up. Today was sort of a bust. (Although everything about Tom is totally true. It's okay if you feel bad for me. I feel bad for me all the time.)

I did spend the day working very hard on a number of things for my sister-in-law's wedding which is coming up on the 16th. I am the maid of honor, so I have the typical MOH duties, but I am also making a bunch of stuff, soooo it wasn't like I was just lounging poolside all day.  Unlike Tom. 

But, fortunately, I was saved by the FedEx guy who delivered some fine sipping chocolate that I had ordered for our friends weeks ago. (If you don't know anything about fine sipping chocolate, that's probably a good thing. Don't ever try it because apparently it is a highly addictive substance that leads people to make terrible choices, like buying more fine sipping chocolate.) I have never tried it, because a sipping chocolate addiction feels like something that would be in my genetic makeup... but that didn't stop me from dealing a little sipping chocolate on the side. Just this one time. They can quit any time they want.

After my girls went to bed, I sneaked into their bedroom and put some encouraging notes and Bible verses around their room. They are both struggling with the adjustment to their new school, and making new friends is a challenge, especially for my quieter, more timid one. I took a few pictures of the notes  before Tom ripped them all down  in hopes that they would encourage you too.