Day 19 & 20: Quarterback Sneak

I have a 17-year-old nephew named Adam. He is a senior and tonight he played his last ever high school football game. So yesterday I dragged my friend Melissa with me on a road trip with my kids (and my puppy - which I only mentioned to her after she agreed) all the way to Michigan to see his game.

We got in this morning at 2:30am and we hid in a large box to surprise all the cousins and my mom. (Pics/videos to come.) Then tonight we surprised Adam. We got in the tunnel and when he ran out of the locker room with his team, his crazy New York Aunt was going nutso (as is pictured below.)


They obliterated the other team and it was really special to be there to see my nephew, Adam, during a month where we celebrate the life of his Uncle Adam.  I am going to keep this super short because I want to enjoy this time with my family and my friend... and the quarterback.