answering the big question.

with our recent social media blitz promoting our adoption shirts, i have found myself answering a lot of questions in my mind that i assume people might be asking. one big question is this: if you already have 4 kids and can't afford the adoption fees... why would you adopt again?? some people have actually asked us that question to our faces, some have asked that question behind our backs, and some have asked themselves silently... i'm sure.

i understand the question... i really do.

i could get in to all the reasons we love having a big family, or how we have felt God tugging at our hearts, asking us to open our home to a child who needs one, and to trust that He will provide the funds to make it possible. i could explain why adoption is so expensive, and i could even break down our budget and spending, and explain why we don't have $15,000 just sitting around. but, i don't think that would really help anyone understand why we want to adopt again.

but, perhaps this will help.

today, harper came over to me, batting his long, curly eyelashes kinda slow, and said "(sigh) i just really love you." then he laid his head in my lap and sighed again, bigger this time. then he looked up at me with those huge dark eyes and said "i just can't believe you."

i laughed and said "i really can't believe you either, bud."

and he replied, "because i'm your wish come true?"

"yes, harper, you are."

so, maybe that explains why we want to adopt... yes, again. because since i was a little girl, i dreamed about harper. i dreamed and i wished for a child of my own, one that would not be born of my womb, but of my heart. i wished for that. adoption is the means through which our family has been made extraordinary and God is generous enough to call us into this process yet again. so whether we sell t-shirts or not, God will provide for this miracle of joining a "forever mama" with the babe of her heart.