shout out to my moms

just ten of the hundreds of reasons i love my mom:

  1. she let me get from point A to point B by going through all the other letters first.
  2. she taught me that it was positive to stand out from a crowd, that being unique was good and that if i dressed different, or acted different, or thought different than everyone else... i must be really special.
  3. when i refused to embrace my curly hair, she forced me to get a perm so i couldn't straighten it anymore and actually had to learn how to do curly hair.
  4. she showed me how to see things from the other perspective.
  5. she genuinely believes she has the smartest, most attractive and talented children and grandchildren on the planet.
  6. she raised my sisters and i to select only the finest husbands.
  7. she spoils her grandchildren with all the things that they could never possibly need, and would never receive from their parents... like feet after feet of synthetic rapunzel hair.
  8. she had a color-coded calendar with every single game, school dance, tournament or event... and she went to pretty much all of them.
  9. she makes the best lemon pound cake either side of the mississippi. but you have to be very sick, or very sad to guilt her into actually making one.
  10. she is a true mama. she has seen four children into this world, and seen one out. she has loved us, spanked us, cleaned our faces with her saliva, and never let me forget who i was meant to be.
happy mothers day, mom, i wouldn't be nearly as obnoxious if anyone else was my mother. i love you so much. lara