let the wild woman pack.

Well... I am making a good bit of progress in packing.  Which is good, because we leave in about 12 hours.  Believe it or not, vacuum sealing all of our stuff intoindividual ziplock bags is the least obnoxious (and space-saving) packing method in the long run. In the short run, it makes me question my sanity.

But, jammies are ziplocked in, so there is no turning back now.  This really is the only way I can pack for 6 people for 3 weeks and fit in everything, and it keeps us organized as a little bonus.

The kids are very excited and Harper asked about our "country road trip" at least 89 times today. Tom is outside vacuuming out the van in the dark, so I can't say for sure... But I'm guessing he's all sorts of pumped right now.  I am  handling the pressure with my usual pleasant, laid back demeanor.

I am just not the type to freak out and, oh, I don't know... threaten Tom's life if he puts a "tick" mark on my packing list in his handwriting.  Nobody should let a woman like that drive all over the country without supervision. Fortunately, I am more stable than those kind of women. That reminds me, I better go ziplock all our undies.