Maine Madness

We just left White Mountain National Forest where we hiked one of Mt. Washington's easier trails. Still, it was steep and rocky, and quite challenging. The kids did awesome, and we had the proud realization that most of the places we have hiked don't have many kids on the trails... so we feel pretty sure that their athletic prowess is probably unparalleled. Plus, the girls had on dresses. Athletic prowess and style?? That's a double threat y'all.

We are headed to our first hotel night. This also means our first showers, grocery run, and laundry time. It will feel good to get cleaned up and restock, but I am mostly excited to get into Maine, where we will spend the longest stretch of time in one state. I hope to be livin' la vida lobster by tonight. (Oh, hotel nights are usually our one sanctioned eat-out night per week as well.)

Since Tom's fan base is growing considerably... I won't delay what most of you are waiting for: All Tom, All the Time!
Today's feature will include a list of "Tom's Road Trip Fast Facts." Enjoy!

Fave activity: "Pretending I was in the Lord of the Rings when we were hiking in The Shire." (Here, Tom is referring to New Hamp'shire' as "The Shire.")
Fave meal: "Eating all the dropped food off the ground. Nope, not the food London dropped, all the food Lara dropped."
Percentage of rage increase every time you pass a Moose Crossing sign without actually seeing a moose: "A full 100%. Every time. The sign should say 'Moose Already Crossed, That's How We Knew to Put a Sign Here.'"
Most insulting thing I have said to you on this trip: "I can't believe you didn't fail school."
Most insulting thing you have said to me on this trip: "Ya airin' out yer hamhocks?" (Meaning my feet. See earlier post for his follow-up attempt to scramble out a compliment to undo this remark.)
Most frustrating moment: (Here Tom tells an unrelated story about a trip to Guatemala many years ago. Followed by a few not-so-frustrating accounts of this trip.) Then, we decided to skip it because, let's be honest... the only thing that frustrates Tom is not seeing moose and having to answer these freakin' questions.
Fave thing about traveling with me: "Reading every road sign in a southern accent. And when we run into any sort of problem, your willingness to start 'hitting people with a bat.'"
Hopes and dreams for the remainder of trip: "To actually see you hit some jerk with Harper's wiffle ball bat."

I have renamed this section "Tom's Incredibly Slow Facts," since it took him an hour and a half to answer each question. More from Maine, coming soon!