And we're off...

We have officially made departure. We left about 30 minutes behind schedule, which is a huge improvement from previous years. Our career average tardiness on the first day is approximately three hours.. So, I am taking this as a good sign. It was looking like a bad sign yesterday when our van broke down (we really just ran out of gas bc our gas gauge stopped working...) so, things are looking up from that prospect!

The kids are doing great - busy writing on the windows with their washable window markers, tallying grannies, and checking out their activity packs. They are also very committed to saying "mama" at least one time every 30 seconds, but at least they are doing a great job takings turns (dropping things.) So, that is keeping me quite busy as well.

They have some snacks and treats that they can help themselves to - the only rule is that when their snacks are gone, they're gone... So there is no complaining if they don't pace themselves. One hour in and all of London's exposed skin stained orange from marker, her snacks are gone and I am 99% certain she is going to drink all the water out of her aqua doodle pen. And then she'll pee her pants.

We are camping tonight at Cape Henlopen State Park near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The forecast is set for tropical downpour and boiling temperatures right about the time we will need to set up camp and build a fire for dinner.

Pretty solid start I would say. This is the point when the voices of all the nay-sayers start to sound really loud, and very reasonable. But, we have two great (albeit equally crazy) road trips under our family belt... So, I will keep reminding myself that this is not the dumbest decision I have ever made, and it is going to be a blast, and my kids are going to learn some awesome things about living a full life, loving Jesus and your family, and having adventures, and how to be like those cool, low-maintenance Appalachian trail type of people who hardly ever recognize their need to shower.

If nothing else, I hope they learn to pace themselves in the snack department.