World Famous Lexington Market

The Lexington Market in Baltimore has lots of interesting things to offer... like "hog jawls" pictured below. We passed on those, but we did get the world's best crab cakes from Faidley's Seafood.

We learned about the family-run seafood stand from a PBS documentary about the best public markets in the US. (it is as riveting as you would expect.) This was my second time eating them, but the last time I had one I was with Sam and we got mugged by a gang of hoodlums. Oh wait, that didn't happen at all... buuuut, she did feel overwhelmed.

This time we met the owner who took no credit for the crab cakes, admitting that he was just "sleeping with" the crab cake master (his wife of 54 years.)
We took a picture of him with the kids, Harper compared his "sweet mowhog" with that of the guy taking our order and we happily slammed an amazing crab cake.

We are headed now to the aquarium where London "will not be wis all da shoiks." (be with all the sharks.). Which may be true because we are probably gonna have to leave we as collateral to afford the parking in this joint.