New Year, New Contract

Annalee and I spent about an hour and a half negotiating the terms of this contract. And by that I mean, I explained the terms, she asked for a raise, which I denied, and she suggested that I reconsider after she "tries it my way for a while."

This coming from the girl who handed me am invoice the other day for "babysitting" the younger kids at a family party. In the corner of the invoice it said "Key Bank" and included a charge of 88 cents of interest for not paying her on the day that her services were rendered.

I don't know if I am proud, or worried!

Before she signed the terms of the agreement, she asked if it was okay that instead of tithing 10% and saving 10%, that she continues spending, saving and tithing in equal parts. Which means the poor kid is going to work her fanny off for less than a buck a week, so that she can save a third and tithe a third.

When we first started teaching the kids about money we explained the three ways to use everything God gives us: give some, save some, spend some. We knew they couldn't comprehend percentages, so we just have them three pennies, one for each jar. The concept stuck and Annalee thinks that spending 80% "just doesn't make any sense."

Upon further thought... I may consider that raise sooner than later. Of course, after she "tries it my way" for a bit.