Day 11: Saturday Salon and Tom Still Wins.

#AdamsActs is all about transformation.  Choosing to do 31 Days of Kindness during a month when I would, historically, do 31 Days of Crying and Inexplicable Mood Swings, shows transformation.  I wanted to transform my expression of grief from one that sucked the life out of me, to one that was beautiful and life-giving, and also a blessing to others.  

Day 11 was also about transformation.  Not a deep and spiritual one, but hopefully one that made people feel beautiful and blessed.  For Day 11, I opened my home for free transformation via haircut.  I asked haircuttees to either participate in #AdamsActs for the day, or to make a donation ($5 maximum) which would be used in future #AdamsActs this month. (I may or may not have accepted one payment of homemade jam, because I am shameless and I love homemade jams, and I don't homemake jams, and it benefitted no one but me, and shut up about the jams and just accept me.)

I did a total of 9 haircuts.  Which, I will be honest, felt like a lot of haircuts. One of Tom's #AdamsActs for the day was putting coffee and fixin's out for the haircuttees...

I knew the day-o-cuts was getting a little long when I went to dip my comb in the cup of hot water and instead dipped it straight into my coffee.  But, it went well and everyone seemed satisfied!  Here are a few of the before and after pics from the day.

The lovely Miranda Before
After her trim and side bangs (believe it or not, I cut a couple inches off!)
The beautiful Becca Before and After we did a trim, added layers and discovered some gorgeous waves in that hair!

The adorable Madden, top left corner was Before when the last lady left a little mudflap on top... And the other two are After I cleaned it up a bit and deflapped him.

Miss Aliyah, top two are before and bottom two are the midway point after getting rid of a ton of length and reshaping...
And After the cut and final deep conditioning. 

Sweet Kailah Before...
And After trimming/reshaping those amazing curls, and a little braiding in front. 
And the fabulous Erica After...

You may have noticed that I forgot to take a before picture, so I found the closest likeness off her Facebook page. It has not been tampered with in any way. 

Erica Before I got my hands on her. 

So, as you can see, the day of free haircuts was a day of true transformation.  Tom, once again, showed me up right when I thought I had out-kinded him for the day.  I finally sat down at 6:30, realizing I hadn't eaten anything all day   except comb-stirred coffee and a piece of Finnish chocolate and he presented me with this.

Really Tom?  A platter of fine cheeses? The only thing missing was the homemade jam. 

Oh wait, what's this?  Homemade jam and a decorative spreader with little muffins on the handle?

Tom, you considerate s.o.b.