Day 7: Tardy and Ridiculous Ice Bucket Challenge

So... I know that we missed the height of the ice bucket challenge mania, but ALS still exists and we still wanted to help fight such a horrible disease.  We haven't personally known anyone taken by ALS, but we watched our friends, David and Sue Whiting, lose their close friend, Patrick, and it was heartbreaking. If you want to be inspired, challenged, laugh and then do the ugly cry, watch Patrick give the last sermon of his life.
I know that there was a lot of debate over whether or not the ice bucket challenge videos were the best way to raise awareness and money for ALS research. And I know there was also some outrage over the waste of clean water.  

So, my response to nay-sayers would be A) it's the best we've done so far, so let's do what works until there is a better plan.  You can't usually bank on people just caring, so it's okay to use humor or personal testimonies to inspire people to give.  That is the whole point behind #AdamsActs and I'm fine with it. And B) really? People toss one bucket of water for a good cause and it's gotta be a thing?  Let's focus on the long shower crisis (that my husband is personally responsible for) or *gasp* the water balloon toss epidemic sweeping children's birthday parties across the nation.  It's not that I don't take seriously the lack of clean water in many countries... but I don't think that crisis is caused (or prevented) by deciding whether or not to frivolously toss a bucketful of water.  Plus, our church has raised a significant amount of money to provide clean water to the village of Maramara in Chad.  Sooooo, just enjoy the video and donate to help find a cure for people with ALS, like Patrick, and write a check to World Concern to turn that criticism into clean water!

Day 7, our #icebucketchallenge

This first intro video is absurd and a little irreverent only because I was uninformed at the time (about what foundation to donate to, about our past presidents actual names (there is no Jr.), and also about the size of my head and how bendable my ears are.)

This video includes Harper challenging our neighbor (the one who just had back surgery and played dead on Day 6.)  Also, you have to lay on your side halfway through to see it properly.  (*please do not miss this opportunity to witness the baby aircycling at record breaking speeds.)

Donation made in memory of my big brother, Adam, who wasted a shameful amount of water during countless super soaker fights. Inside our house.