Day 13&14: A Cornucopia of Kindness

Day 13 & 14 were, what I like to call, a cornucopia of kindness.

As my sister-in-law's wedding rapidly approaches, my free time (of which I have very little in general) has been seriously depleted. So, for the past two days I have been very intentional about complimenting as many people as possible.

I do not believe that one should ever think a compliment. A compliment should be spoken, out loud, and as frequently as  possible, while still being sincere. But, I upped my compliment game during these past two days and the best example was when I rolled down my window and yelled "I love your hair" to a high school girl who I always see walking home at 3:00. She always has really gorgeous braids or something, and today she had a twist out that deserved a drive by shout out.

I'm pretty sure she reported my vehicle (and my behavior) to the police.

In addition to cat-calling young girls... I have given a couple free haircuts, styled a friend's hair for an event she had, helped decorate the barn for the reception, continued making stuff for the wedding - including the final dress fitting for the wedding gown that my other sister-in-law and I enhanced/re-worked.

I sent out some encouraging text messages to some friends I have been praying for, and I spent time chatting with a few different people when my to-do list wanted me to avoid people altogether.

And for my final kindness, I haven't panic-slapped anyone even though my life is insane right now and it would actually feel really cathartic. I will now go to Carlie's bachelorette party where I plan to spread the kindness via my vocal stylings.

My brother, Adam, had some really outstanding dance moves. His legs could move ridiculously fast for some reason, and I plan to emulate this ability tonight, during karaoke.