Day 3: 20 random acts of kindness to try this month

Before we get into Day 3, we need to make sure that everyone is caught up. If you are just joining us, you really must go back to Day 1 to have some context here. If you skip Day 2, I'm okay with that because I basically just vomited my fear of rejection onto all of the unsuspecting readers, but the first day is a non-negotiable. 

Okay, did you do it? Are you all caught up?? Great, welcome to Day 3!

As we go into this month, I know it can be intimidating to come up with new ideas every day. (I'm the one who has to blog about these things though, so I don't feel that bad for you.) But here's the thing... you can do the EXACT SAME THING EVERY DAY and it will still be amazing. This is how I know... if someone gave me a candy bar, every day, I wouldn't be like "umm excuse me, you were kind in this way yesterday, could you please change it up??" Nobody is going to say that, unless they are jerks. And if they are jerks, they probably need the repetitive kindness more than anyone. Still, I do understand that coming up with fresh kindnesses can feel daunting! So, part of Day 3 will be a helpful list of kindnesses to choose from.

I call this... 

A CORNUCOPIA OF KINDNESS! (I am not good with technology, but picture those words brightly colored and slowly getting bigger on the screen while Bob Barker says it in his best Price is Right game show voice.) Or at least imagine that the font is bigger. Either way.

Where was I? Oh yes, my very helpful list!


  1. Tape coupons to items in the store for a surprise discount. 
  2. Send an encouraging note in the mail to someone you haven't connected with in a while.
  3. Apologize for that thing you still feel bad about.
  4. Pay for someone's gas, meal, groceries.
  5. Tip generously.
  6. Order and pay for a dessert for another table at a restaurant.
  7. Keep granola bars in your car or purse to hand out to homeless people.
  8. Organize a blanket drive and donate them to a shelter.
  9. Never think a compliment. If you think something positive, say it out loud.
  10. Write thank you notes for people who are often overlooked - custodial staff at your office, garbage man, night shift workers, gas station attendants, security guards, etc.
  11. Offer an elderly neighbor on hour of your time to help change light bulbs, put up decorations, get something down from the attic, etc.
  12. Leave a treat for mail carrier in your mail box.
  13. Scrape someone's windshield/shovel walkway/rake leaves/share an umbrella.
  14. Leave a heartfelt voicemail for someone who is lonely.
  15. Check in on somebody going through a hard time.
  16. Offer to babysit for a mom with young kids.
  17. Surprise a friend at work with coffee or a treat.
  18. Help single parent with chores or errands.
  19. Call someone who is going through a divorce, just to listen and encourage them.
  20. Make me homemade jam.


For more ideas, check out the #AdamsActs section of the website, where you will find hundreds of ideas! These really don't have to be big things. If some small irritation can make our day harder, then a small kindness can make our day better as well. Here's the thing, the way my brother lived his life was a series of small kindnesses. He wasn't some baller spending tons of money buying everyone round after round of chicken wings on him. Rather, he danced with the shy girl in the hallway after the Junior High school dance. Just so she knew that he saw her. He stood up for kids who were getting picked on in school. Just so they didn't feel alone. He let me, his pesty little sister, tag along with him after his soccer games. Just so I would feel special. (Orrrrr because the girls in his class thought I was cute. Okay... so maybe this one in particular wasn't purely for my sake.) But you get the idea. It doesn't take much to make someone feel noticed, appreciated, loved. Small things, guys, small things. 

For my Day 3, I brought a meal to a family who is currently undergoing a huge life transition. Even good transition brings a lot of stress and disruption to a family, so I offered to take this one thing off their mind for a night. I had Tom take this very candid photo of me and my meal I just whipped right up.

Okay fine, that's not me, that's Rachel Ray. But my meal did look that good. Okay fine, it was a run of the mill pot roast. Or "pot grosst" as my kids call it. It was hot, comfort food though so that's good enough. Remember, small things people! A big shout out to my second-in-command, my three year old son, Jay. He was super helpful. And by helpful I mean that he stood on a stool and smelled the potatoes for about 30 seconds straight, loudly proclaimed that they were "still fresh!" and sprinted away wearing nothing but a pajama top and his underwear. Both on backwards.