Day 11 + Bonus Feature: ADOPTION UPDATE

Day 11 blew my mind.  What I did today was not very mind blowing... but the day itself has blown my mind.  In the interest of saving us all some precious time... I am going to neatly list the events of the day below.  Let us not forget that this is my blog, and while I am trying to act kind in the outside world, in my blog world... I get to be as rude and bossy as I like.  So, just start loving the bullet points.

  • I attempted to bring donut holes to some ladies at a bus stop, because it was about 47 degrees and for me, that's quittin' weather.  I brought them over, briefly explained what I was doing, and they refused to even look at my face.  They just said "no thank you, ma'am."  After rethinking the situation, I fear that they think that I thought that they were homeless.  My bad.
  • So, I took my donut holes over to the guy who wears the Cash for Gold sandwich board sign.  I just gotta believe that that is a horrible job.  Who ever said "Ya know, I was on my way to some place else, but that sign just drew me right in and I couldn't help but bring you all these gold watches."  Who has gold they no longer want, on their person?  I understand a sign that says "Stop here for a delicious food item!"  Because in the impulse of the moment, the sing might actually work.  But nobody in the history of the world has impulsively exchanged precious metals for cash money.  So, he gets donuts.  He was happy to look me in the eye and was even so thankful that he offered to pay it forward by taking me to "a nice dinner and a movie."  I pulled out my go-to response when a situation like this comes up... I say something along the lines of "Yeah, that sounds like fun... but, I would have to check with my HUSBAND to see if he will babysit all FOUR of our kids."  (Insert good-natured chuckle.)  He no longer wanted to do dinner and a movie and thought that Tom might "come after him with a hammer."  Which I would pay good money to see.  But, I'll have to convert all my gold first.  
  • I went to the post office to mail more M&M's to my pregnant stepsister, because she saw that picture from my blog and gave me a facebook message that was the equivalent of puppy dog eyes.  Plus, she is building my niece or nephew from scratch... so she gets candy.
  • I bought five more stamps to leave at the register for the next stamp-needer.  The post lady almost wouldn't let me do it!  She was very leery, asking if it was some kind of chain letter and "what does it all meeeean anyway?"  I couldn't understand how it could possibly have anything to do with a chain letter, but I assured her that no curse would come from anyone not willing to participate... but that I did hope that it had a chain reaction type of effect.  She did not seem to think it would, but I think she secretly loved me for it.  
  • THEN.  This has nothing to do with random acts of kindness... it has more to with our current adoption process.  I got a call from our social worker and she gave us some information about a birthmother we have been praying for since July.  She had chosen our profile (which means that of all the families whose information/photo books she saw, she chose ours!)... but later had fallen out of touch for about a month.  Eventually, after a long time with no contact from the birthmom, the social workers decided that it wasn't fair to keep us waiting for a situation that was obviously not going anywhere... until TODAY when we learned that this baby is coming any day and (at this point) the birthmother still wants us to parent this baby.  Nothing is set in stone, clearly, but we are potentially going to get a call any time saying to go to Manhattan to pick up our baby boy!  
  • Tom is in a catatonic state, there was even a low hissing sound at one point.  I'm not sure where the confusion came in... I know that he filled out the paperwork and went to all the same interviews that I went to.  He has saved money and raised funds like a champ... but, somehow he forgot that all of this results in BABY #5!!  Welp, surprise!  He'll get on board soon enough, and maybe then I can take the bib off him.  Just kidding... he isn't really that bad.  He's just a little stunned at how quickly things turn around in this journey.  I am a little stunned myself.  But even at my worst, I would never, ever hiss.

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