Mooned in Manhattan

No news.

There. For those who were just waiting for me to post to find out if there is any adoption news... the answer is no. Trust me, nobody wishes that weren't true more than me. So, you'll be fine waiting another day. Hopefully that will be as long as we have to wait, because this baby is scheduled to be induced tomorrow.

To distract ourselves and the kids, especially, we spent the day touring the city. Most of what my kids know about NYC is from the Muppets movie... which means they really didn't have any reasonable expectations. London kept crying out from her bed when I closed the shade, "I can't see Kermit's house!!"

Today, they got a little more realistic of a taste than Miss Piggy's roller skating chase scene. We went to the Museum of Natural History, took a walk through Central park, and got a pizza. The funny thing is that we did all of that with some friends from home, Tif and DL, and their two girls, who just happened to be in the city this weekend! It was definitely our most exciting play date.

Oddly enough, in a city with a kitzillion people, I ran into a childhood friend who grew up literally a few houses up the street from me. Neither of us live here in Manhattan... So it was completely random that we saw each other.

Speaking of random... Onto Day 19 of Random Acts of Kindness. I had one bizarre opportunity to let a woman know that she forgot to wear anything on her bottom half... But I chickened out because I wasn't sure how kind it would be to say "excuse me ma'am, but everyone can see your nakie-buns." So we opted for over-tipping a street musician at the sight of John Lennon's assassination in Central Park.

I also complimented approximately 6 ladies at the museum, all women of varying ethnicities who were wearing their hair naturally curly and beautiful. The one random act of kindness that is almost always well received: a compliment. We just can't get enough of 'em! I think we all long to feel loved and affirmed and encouraged. In my opinion, encouraging and building up others is the easiest Biblical command to follow. I will say, though, that I do regret not telling the lady with the missing drawers to never, ever bend at the waist again, but sometimes a moment passes and you just can't get it back.

Day 19's Kindness Lesson: never just think a compliment, ALWAYS SAY THEM OUT LOUD!

Day 19's Fashion Lesson: nylons do not equal pants. Underpants required, another garment, also appreciated.

Below are some pictures from last night and today. They are ordered grab bag style because I cannot figure out this blog application. But, as you scroll through notice how Harper and the street musician smile the same way! Ha!

Please keep praying for this baby and birthmama as they both face some major life changes tomorrow. And, if things go as planned, we will too.