Day 8: Planet Kindness

I did not have much of a plan for Day 8, and it started to show when I caught myself thinking, "That was kind, that counts right?"  Low point from Day 8: Resisting the urge to slam on my breaks to punish the maroon Toyota driving so close to my van that he would surely slam into me, and, therefore, learn a lesson.  After exhibiting just the smallest amount of self-restraint in that moment, I thought to myself, "I could have let him just ram right into me, and I didn't.  That's kind right?"  

Needless to say, I started with a pretty lame potpourri of kindness throughout the day.

Kindness #1 - I gave my friend Lexi a free haircut.  I wish I had taken a 'before' picture, but I forgot, so I found one on Google.  I feel pretty good about the accuracy of this as the before photo.  

As you can imagine, it took a kind and loving touch to transform that into this...

Kindness #2 - I opened a little girl's bottle of water at ballet.  (Hey, I told you I had a slow and lame start.)

Kindness #3 - On the way home from ballet, it was getting late and I was starting to panic, so the girls and I rolled down the windows and yelled words of affirmation at strangers we passed.  We yelled things like "I like your hair!" and "Those are great jeans!"  These drive-by compliments literally blessed no one, I am certain.  I know this because I am aware that true words of affirmation have to come from the heart, and are best received when you are needy, vulnerable and insecure.  Where is the one place we all feel that way? 

 Planet Fitness.

Unless you wear those black, lycra capri pants year round, then you are like the rest of us that feel mortified while exercising.  So, I went to Planet Fitness, which is where I (and most people who are too poor or busy or exhausted to be absurdly committed to health and firmness) go to work out.  I wanted to sneak into the ladies' locker room and leave some encouraging reminders that they are doing just fine and that Jesus don't mind a muffin top!  So, here it is, Kindness #4 - a few reminders that us gals need  perpetually and insatiably every now and again.