Day 9: #Closure

Okay, it's time to get you all caught up... If you haven't started from the beginning, let's get your act together now.  I'm gonna make it really easy for you.  Here are Days 1-8. Once those are all read, you are welcome to proceed.  I know that felt bossy, but that's because it was bossy, and I don't want to talk about that anymore.

Let's talk about kindness, a much pleasanter topic.  (*Pleasanter is actually a word, I know because I have read Pride and Prejudice one thousand times).  (**Okay, that was a lie.  I've read it twice, but I have watched it one thousand times, both the BBC mini-series and the version starring Keira Knightly.  So please, stop doubting my credibility.)

Anyways, Day 9.  

As most of you already know, I am very passionate about adoption.  I am forthcoming about the beautiful blessing that is adoption, but also the reality that adoption as a concept was born out of tragedy.  The reality that loving homes and families are needed for kids who may otherwise not have one... that is horrifyingly tragic in my opinion.  The reality that biological families are separated, oftentimes never to be reunited, is devastating.  We had hoped for open adoptions for this reason, we hoped to maintain the connections with our boys' birth families because we wanted to play the important role of facilitating whatever relationship would be best for our boys... and we believe that our willingness to remain open and in contact is a gift we are responsible to give our children.

That being said, trans-racial adoption just isn't easy.  It can be hard on adoptive parents, it's hard on adopted children, it can be hard on siblings, birthparents, and extended family.  Adoptive families need a lot of support, and we are so thankful that Bethany Christian Services has been there to offer that much-needed support through both of our adoption journeys.

The staff at BCS has worked their tails off to serve our community.  They counsel women who are considering adoption, they support women who choose to parent, they help line up important resources when expectant parents don't know where to go to get financial or medical assistance.  They train and prepare adoptive families for the hardships of adoption, and weed out all the crazies who have no business adopting a child.  They do background checks, and interviews, and home visits, and they contact lawyers, and apply for grants and subsidies, and they love your baby because he's the cutest.

I mean, generally speaking.

You get the point right?  Adoption case workers are amazing.  At least the ones we know are!  So, for Day 9, we wanted to bless the ladies who blessed our family, stork-style, by making it possible for us to bring our two precious boys into our family via adoption. So, we cut fresh flowers from my garden (please do not be impressed... these were literally the only thing that survived my horrible yard neglect) and we paid the ladies at Bethany Christian Services a visit.  

I chose to celebrate adoption and adoption workers today, because of one young and inspiring woman, named Angela, that I want to introduce to you.  I will let this trailer of her husband's documentary tell you a little more about her...

I first connected with Angela and Bryan Tucker through our common interest in #adoption on instagram.  #thehashtagbroughtustogether.  When I heard that they were trying to show Closure at movie theaters around the country, I begged these strangers to come to Rochester.  I am pretty sure I even offered for them to have a sleepover at my house.  #inappropriate. #creeper #howdidipassthatbackgroundcheck?

Well, to my surprise I succeeded! #holler! For one night only, November 12 at 7:30pm in Webster, NY this amazing documentary will be shown!  I am so excited to see this, and I am really hoping that every last one of you who live in the Rochester area will get on board with today's kindness and will buy a ticket to come!  They need a minimum of 70 people to come, or they will not be able to hold the reservation at the theater.  So for Kindness #2, I am  begging and pleading   demanding  requiring  encouraging you all to consider saving the date and reserving your tickets for this one-night-only event.  It would be a kindness to me and a celebration not only of adoption, but of redemption and closure.  And honestly, that is what these 31 Days of Kindness are all about.  Redemptive grace, and a little healing closure.  So thank you so much for promising me you will go purchase tickets ($9) at their event site immediately.  That was so generous and agreeable of you!  #passivebullyingsometimesworks #bossypants #imnotjokingbuytheticket