Substitute Teacher

You know when you walked into Science class in 8th grade and knew right away there was a substitute teacher? No one was sitting in their seats, your friends were eating their lunch pudding packs at 9:30am. No rules… Well, If you’re reading this and already getting the sense that this isn’t your favorite blogger on earth writing to you, it’s because I (Lara’s brother-in-law) have been asked to sub in for the moment.

About an hour ago, Lara found herself waking up on her living room floor with their three youngest kids hovering over her… “Mommy you passed out”. Well, it was a little more insane than that. Jaylen, their youngest, was screaming and is officially scarred for life at the thought of Mommy falling to the floor. Harper grabbed Lara’s phone to call Daddy, and didn’t know the passcode to unlock it. Thankfully he had enough wit to mutter out “Hey Siri… Call ‘Tom My Lover.’” Of course, that’s how every husband is and should be saved in the phone. But everyone can breathe. I just got off the phone with Lara. Her and Tom are at the hospital waiting for results on a few tests, but she sounded ok.

Don’t worry, I’ve already shamed her for not drinking enough water ever in her life; as I believe if they did a full body/organ scan they’d come to find all of her organs are shriveled to raisin size. That’s enough shaming my sister-in-law in the hospital. This is a time and month for good deeds. We can all pray for Lara as she’s hopefully hearing very soon of what may be going on.

As the sub for today, I do have one assignment for class today… on behalf of #AdamsActs, give even greater than yesterday! I think that’d make Lara’s day.

Until next time she passes out…