Day 5: Conversations instead of casseroles.

Hi #adamsacts Fam— Brandi Ebersole here, a good friend of Lara. I have the honor of people saying “we’re a lot alike”. Usually when we hang out together our passive husbands, roll their eyes as we get overly passionate or obnoxiously loud together.


We’ll it’s my turn to be up to bat …guest posting. Not paling in comparison.

Here to let you know, she’s still in the hospital


And this is where you too, can step in. We all need to be going HARD on our acts of kindness in her absence and PRAYING. Because in my eyes, this is just evil against good… but we’ll leave that kind of writing to George Lucas


Anyway the funny thing about Lara is she is actually outrageously kind-- EVERYDAY. It’s not just this month. I can visit her from out of town and there is always a neighbor or a church friend stopping in to return a clean casserole dish or something borrowed from her. I know many of you know, this Lara. The one who will pick-up your call even if she’s wrangling her kids in her van. Stopping to give you all the advice and her whole heart. Asking you, the hard questions and always tells you the truth.
     My first vivid memory of Lara was many years ago. We were at her in-law’s house. She was telling me a bit about her brother, Adam and family history. A lot of chaos was going on. But after being kind and vulnerable about her own experience, she asked me a raw question…  Do you ever want to meet your birth-family? (adult adoptee here). I was shocked, but felt safe and answered “Yes”.

This small question has changed the trajectory of a lot in my life.


 See that’s Lara and that’s kindness. Sharing your own story, giving-room for others to share theirs. I have had the honor of knowing and gleaming from Lara’s kindness for over 10 years now. She’s been with me when I got married, adopted my first kid, found-out I was birthing another kid and most important has NOT let me shy away from my experience or has not stopped pointing me to the good-Lord for the answers.

      So my challenge to you today--

How can you be vulnerable with someone else, so they too can feel SEEN and KNOWN?

Maybe it’s not the casserole, but the conversation.